Making books with press and needle - FIL1119
Milan, 16/17 Novembre 2019
Eleonora Cumer
230 EUR materials included

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Paper, print, fabric, thread ... these are the materials we are going to use, but how can they be combined?
There are not a few artists who have been confronted with the thread as a tool for creation, we mention only a few: Maria Lai with her books, Alighiero Boetti, Marisa Merz, Capogrossi...
Our experimentation will begin with the work of Maria Lai, but with a variant: the print and the thread will have to dialogue with each other.
After a first design phase, we will engrave with the gouges a linoleum matrix, which will then be inked and printed with the hand press; then we will draw with the thread, as if this were a pencil, tracing new signs that will have to communicate with the sign of the chalcography.
The needle will run through the print, letting the thread trace its mark on the tarlatana, on the "grandmother's rag" or on the paper.
The material produced will then be assembled with folds or seams to form a book.
Two different techniques, one purely artistic and the other generally developing as an artisanal work, but which in this context is also transformed into an artistic one, in a close and harmonious dialogue that let our feelings flow.

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