Online, 8 November 2022 - 6 June 2023
Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
750 EUR materials included

Annual course for those who want to approach bookbinding for the first time. It is developed entirely held online  to allow everyone to follow it, even those who live far from our Milan seat. The course consists of some theoretical-demonstrative meetings but mainly of practical sessions during which the participants, at home and with a few essential tools, will create models at the same time as the teacher. The online mode will allow us to carry out the course in complete safety for everyone, without having to renounce the profitable direct confrontation with the teacher, with fellow students and their experiences.
It will be sufficient to be equipped with a computer or tablet and a stable Internet connection, and have a workspace of about 100x80 cm available. It will also be necessary to purchase some simple tools, on which more information will be given after registration.
Theoretical lessons will allow to know traditional tools and materials and their interaction; they will also provide the student with rudiments on nomenclature and historical types of binding.
During the practical exercises, the acquired notions will be applied, creating increasingly complex models.

The course is divided into two phases: during the first, various models, both traditional and contemporary, will be developed:  single folded sheet editions, different types of sewing (on tape, cross stitch, long stitch, chain stitch), multi-quire volumes with hardcovers lined in paper and bookcloth. All the material needed for the making of the models, in pre-cut kit, will be sent by mail to the participants.
During the second phase, participants will be able to deepen some of the structures studied, through designing and implementing individual projects. At this stage, each student will also receive private advice.

The program is developed throughout the year in weekly meetings, with some breaks during the holidays, This will allow participants to better assimilate the addressed topics, with the chance to practice between one lesson and another. The advantage of a long-term course is to be able to find answers to the questions that naturally arise during any learning path.
The course is aimed at everyone and there are no admission requirements; good manual skills certainly help.

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