Online, 25/26 September 2021
Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
150 EUR excluding materials
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by Professione Libro

Two full days to get closer to Far East bindings.
We will deal with different Chinese and Japanese models and study the basic sewing structure plus some variations. We will also study some basic construction by working with traditional concertina.
We will use Oriental paper for the inside of the books and decorated paper for the bindings as well as different kinds of coloured silk, cotton or hemp threads, allowing for personal approaches and results.
Information will also be given on the preparation of the starch glue and the techniques for lining the fabric (or delicate papers) with oriental paper, according to the traditional Japanese technique.
These versatile techniques can be also used to put together simple loose sheets and can prove very useful for paper that cannot be folded into sections and therefore sewn with western methods.

No specific knowledge is requested for this course.

Bookbinding and conservation - Book's learning paths