The art of pop-up books - POP0223
Milan, 25/26 February 2023
Dario Zeruto
255 EUR materials included

Dario Zeruto is back to accompany us once again with his well-known skill and professionalism in the world of paper cutting and folding.

This workshop aims to teach you how to design and build pop up structures that can be used to create an interactive book.
Starting from experimenting with paper engineering techniques to build three-dimensional and moving structures, the participants will be able to use what they have learned to give three-dimensional shape to folding postcards and / or postcards books.
The weekend program includes:
- A brief history of pop up books.
- Basic principle of pop-up structures: opening the pages generates kinetic energy which in turn creates movement, linear or rotary.
- The most suitable materials for this technique.
- Using the basic elements of pop-up structures: composition, construction and movement.
- Variation of geometric parameters vs variation of movements. V-shaped structures with angular variation.
- Structures with rectilinear movement
- Structures with circular motion
- Combination and superposition of different mechanisms on the same page.
- Development of the final project: construction of a pop up book with a lay flat structure.

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