Magic hinges and magnetic book closures - MAG0719
Monte Mesma, Ameno, 15-20 July 2019
Nadine WernerCristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
865 EUR materials included

In this workshop, you will discover the mysterious and fascinating power of magnets and how to use them as closures on books and boxes.

You will learn to process neodymium magnets and magnetic foil visibly and invisibly, and will get to know how to deal with different solutions for closures and connections.

It will be part of the course the making of your own creasing board, to use in your next practice, as well as the making of magnetic closure samples to keep as future reference.

You will have the opportunity to make album and book structures, like the "Steckalbum" and the "Woven rod binding" with magnetic flaps, and a nice tailor-made box covered with chiyogami paper.

At the end of the week you will bring home a box with magic hinges and fastening, containing five books.

Don't miss this chance!

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