Verona, 21/22 May 2022
Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
150 EUR excluding materials
Promoted yet not organised
by Professione Libro

Two days working to make different models that can be used to gather together written papers, calligraphic or printed.
We will work on a small book format and discover many variations to make one, two, or three sections bindings.

We will study a variety of sewing techniques that together with different kinds of paper foldings will give rise to a vast range of models covered with paper or flexible board.

Entirely adhesive free, these versatile bindings have a good opening which allows an easy access to their content.

If there is time, participants will be able to apply the techniques learned by replicating the workshop models, making changes using their own materials.

For beginners and any other level.

Bookbinding and conservation - Book's learning paths