Chatou, France, 2-3 April 2022
Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
230 EUR excluding materials
Promoted yet not organised
by Professione Libro

Different structures suitable for protecting bifolios, single gatherings and loose sheets, without having to sew or glue them, and protecting them in a completely reversible way.

Designed to accommodate, safeguard and enrich ancient documents and for all works of art, graphics and calligraphy that do not tolerate invasive interventions, but need protection.
Different solutions and various usable materials will be shown, and some of the most versatile models will be realized.

Furthermore, for the second day of workshop the participants will be given indications on the suitable materials to develop their own variations, and indications on the format and on the type of graphic material to bring, which will constitute the content for which to choose and realize the most suitable models.

This course is for participants of all levels, even beginners.

Bookbinding and conservation - Book's learning paths