Milan, 17th September 2022
Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
100 EUR excluding materials
Promoted yet not organised
by Professione Libro

During this workshop we'll deepen a particular kind of structure, the so called "Blizzard Book": devised by Hedi Kyle during a blizzard, this kind of folding allows to create concertinas with pockets to contain and protect loose sheets, cards, tickets and so on...

By changing the measures and the proportions will be possible to make variations of the basic model: we will then make the "Crown Book", with tabs holding loose double folded interchangeable sheets, and the "Upside-down", bellows container for papers.

All this without any glue, any sewing, any double sided tape... and almost without cuts.

As usual We will make small format models to have a series of samples that can be useful for future works.

Bookbinding and conservation - Book's learning paths