Lucio Passerini

In 1982 Lucio Passerini started his private press. He published the first tiny book soon after establishing his printmaking studio, equipped with a second hand Vandercook proof press and a Bendini etching press.
Hisy concern is to make books using very basic equipment, good papers, hand inking, letterpress printing for texts, as it was five centuries ago, but developing contemporary ideas.

The Buon Tempo is a small private press, wishing to create simple books with simple tools (just a typographic press and an intaglio press) and the complicity of friends artists.

Il Buon Tempo is a free no-profit association, open to everybody who is interested in the designing and making of prints and books.
"Il Buon Tempo" is the little treasure everyone reserves for himself, for his own interests and curiosities.
It is the time dedicated to our favourite things, from which we gain happiness and satisfaction.

Il Buon Tempo

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