Angela Simone

Born in Albenga (Savona - Italy) in 1963, she moved to Milan in 1983, where she attended graphic design at the European Design Institute. In 1986 she started working as a graphic designer in publishing and has since then developed projectuality and taste in putting colors and shapes together in the limited space of the page.
But she has never forgotten her true love though: paper.
She loves paper, its scent, its texture and the fact that it is a live substance, fragile and sturdy at the same time.

Some years ago, she discovered the delight of making jewelry using this medium, both refined and recycled.
The wide range of paper available in the market gives her the opportunity to create very different beads indeed: big or small, broad or narrow, fat or slim, fussy or plain. Matching these paper beads with as much assorted other materials, threads and yarns of all kinds (from cotton to wool, from gauze to hemp, etc. -, glass, plastics, wood and so on), she gets jewels that suit all tastes: from ethnics to romantic, from minimalist to baroque. Her jewelry is not that short-lasting as some may think. Working with glue, it is possible to obtain very robust beads that are also waterproof.
Paper jewelry gives her the freedom to express herself very successfully both in graphics and in 3-d. In this way, paper offers her the chance to create always new things, without making her tired of it. Ever!

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